Terms & Conditions

We suggest that all prospective guests, read through the terms and conditions, for Dove Farm cottages, before booking, and in any case, prior to the date of their stay, so that any queries may be dealt with beforehand, to everyone’s satisfaction.

The Owners reserve the right to cancel a booking without compensation or refund, should guests choose not to respect, or refuse to abide by any of the terms and conditions outlined below.
Bookings and Payments

All bookings must be made by people aged 18 years or over.
It is strongly recommended that the person making the booking, considers taking out insurance cover for any payments made, especially when they are booking on behalf of a large group and/or future event or occasion.

Initially, bookings or reservations will be provisional - by telephone, or e-mail. There is no contractual agreement between the owners of Dove Farm and prospective guests, on the basis of a provisional booking. There is no set length of time for a booking to be held or reserved as provisional. It is at the discretion of the owners, and may vary, according to time of year and how busy the season is. No booking may be considered as confirmed until an agreed deposit has been received and funds cleared. This is generally 50% of total cost, unless otherwise agreed with owners.

When payment has been received, funds have cleared and the booking acknowledged by email, phone or in writing, – then a contract shall be considered to be entered into by both parties. The person, who agrees to be the named person making the booking, shall be the hirer.

Payment can be made by BACS, or cheque, payable to H W Stretton. 

The remaining balance is usually payable one month prior to date of stay. however, in the case of late deal bookings and where premium booking dates are involved, payment may be requested in full, at time of booking, or mutually agreeable terms may be set, depending on proximity of reservation to date of stay.

Prices listed on website include VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Business bookings made by corporate clients will have their own individual payment terms, according to the nature of the event. Preferred invoicing arrangements will be discussed at time of booking. A VAT receipt can be provided.

2 Cancellations

In the case of cancellation, it is recommended that the person making the booking, informs Dove Farm immediately.

It should be understood that first payments made to secure the booking, are non-refundable.

The owners will always do their very best, to re-book the properties. If the owners are successful in doing this, they will take a small administration fee and return the remainder of the first payment. However, this is solely at the discretion of the owners, and they may need to retain the first payment, if they are unable to re-book the properties to other guests.

Where payment has been made in full, and the booking is cancelled at the last minute, then the owners have the right to retain the full payment, unless the cottages can be re-booked. Please appreciate that the possibility of a new booking at this stage, will always require promotion at a reduced rate and as late availability.

The person making the booking must understand that when the cottages are hired as a group booking - and then cancelled close to time of booking, it is unlikely that the cottages will be re-let as a group booking in the time frame available. It will be at the discretion of the owners, to split the group hire into individual cottage hire, at a reduced rate, in order to recover some funds on a late availability basis. There is no guarantee that any of the cottages will be re-booked, as dove farm cottages are marketed as a group venue. The person making the booking may rest assured, that the owners shall not seek to profiteer in any way from cancellations, and will do their very best to refund at least a proportion of monies paid. An alternative booking date and option to transfer dates, will be offered where possible and where appropriate. 

Following a booking, in the unlikely event of a cottage(s) becoming unavailable due to special or unavoidable circumstances, every effort will be made to provide alternative accommodation, using nearby accommodation providers. If the alternative arrangement is unacceptable to guests, then a complete refund will be made, including the deposit. No further liability is accepted by the owners of dove farm cottages.

In the event of guests being unable to travel to Dove Farm due to severe weather conditions, or other force majeure, a refund will not automatically be given. The owners may suggest alternative dates, or may offer to refund a percentage of the deposit/first payment made. Therefore, guests may wish to consider a cancellation insurance policy.

Guests may not transfer their booking to anyone else without prior consent of the owners.

3 Arrival and Departure 

Hire of the cottage(s) begins at 4pm on the first day, unless otherwise agreed and guests are requested to arrive no earlier than 4pm on the day of arrival. Especially in the case of same day changeovers, it can sometimes happen that not all of the 3 properties are ready for 4pm. There will always be access to the cottages at 4pm to put food items in fridges etc. however, guests may be asked to gather in one or two cottages until all of the rooms are prepared.

Guests are asked to vacate the cottages by 10.15 am on their day of departure, unless otherwise arranged and agreed in advance with the owners.

2 night weekend breaks are advertised with late checkout. Where this applies, guests are welcome to leave around lunchtime/early afternoon on the Sunday of departure. Any guests remaining after 3pm on a Sunday, will be asked to extend their stay to a 3 night weekend.

It is strongly recommended that guests check arrival and departure times with the owners, if at all unsure about the terms outlined above.

4 housekeeping

Arriving guests are requested to pay a housekeeping deposit. This is either £100 or £200 in the case of groups, and £50 for individual cottage hire. Housekeeping deposits should be paid on arrival, and in cash. This amount is fully refundable, and will be refunded to guests, prior to their departure, subject to cottages, Dove studio, and other accessible areas of the farm and farm property, being left in the condition in which it was found. The basic rule of thumb is to leave things as you find them. If excessive or unreasonable sorting or cleaning is required, over and above the hygienic house clean of bathrooms and kitchen areas, then housekeeping deposits will be retained. “Excessive” and “unreasonable” are terms that will be applied at the discretion of the owners, based on their years of experience.

5 Incidents occurring after booking or during stay

In the unlikely event that a cottage becomes unfit or unsafe for guests to stay – eg due to water leak or electric fault or similar, then the owners will endeavour to find alternative accommodation elsewhere of a similar standard. A full refund will also be offered with regard to that particular cottage, and indeed all of the booking, to cover the group context. No further liability is accepted by the owners.

The owners do not accept responsibility for faults in, or cessation of supplies, including water, electricity, or gas - nor any claims against inconvenience caused by such incidences.

The owners reserve the right to refuse access to cottages, to arriving guests, and retain the right to repossess cottages, if it is reasonably believed that any damage or social disturbance is likely to be caused. Owners also reserve the right to repossess the cottage(s) if damage or social disturbance has already been caused. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

Any complaints about aspects of their stay should be made known by guests to the owners during the period of hire. It is impossible for the owners to reasonably rectify any problems or causes of complaint, unless they are aware of the issues at the time.

6 Safety

Dove Farm has a no smoking policy in all self catering cottages and Dove studio. Smoking is permitted in the patio garden to the rear of the cottages, however, it is prohibited in and around the farmyard and barns.

Please ensure that children do not wander around the farm unsupervised. 

The area behind the cottages and patio garden is designated as working farm, and members of the public/guests at dove farm should not wander around this area, unless accompanied by owners, to view livestock for example. Dove Farm is a working farm and dangers should be noted and respected. A farm carries the same level of risk as working environments such as building sites or quarries.

Individuals may be asked to leave immediately if their conduct is considered to infringe the Owners’ Terms and Conditions or is likely to impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other guests and/or staff/family members of Dove Farm. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

7 Pets 

Dogs are welcome by prior arrangement.

The owners prefer a maximum number of 2 dogs staying at the cottages at any one time. Exceptions may be made after discussion with owners.

There is generally a charge of £20 per dog per short break (2 or 3 nights). 

Where guests invite day visitors to the farm, the owners should be informed if the visitors would like to bring dogs with them. This permission will be given at the discretion of the owners.

Dogs are allowed access to all cottages and studio room. However, in the interests of guests following on, it is preferred that dogs are not permitted to lie on soft furnishings or sofas and definitely not on beds. Dogs should be restricted to the ground floor in Barn Owl cottage.

The owners of the dog(s) must ensure that all cottages are thoroughly cleaned of pet hair before leaving. Vacuum cleaners are provided in each cottage. Any damage caused by pets, or additional cleaning required as a result of the pet’s stay, will be charged to the person making the booking (the hirer) - even if they are not the dog's owner.

The recommendation is therefore, that named persons making a group booking, should ensure that dog owners in their party are clear about, and agree to, the terms and conditions set out by the owners of dove farm. 

Dog owners should bring their pets own bedding.

In the interests of respect for other guests following on; dog owners are requested not to wash pet bedding in the washing machines provided in the cottages.

Dove Farm is a working farm, and there is always livestock about the place, including free range ducks and chickens. Dogs must be kept under control at all times, and on a lead around the immediate public access areas of the farmyard, car park and frontages of the cottages.

Guests are also asked to note that there are two farm dogs living at Dove farm, and the owners would not wish any incident to occur between the resident dogs and visiting pets. Another reason to ensure that visiting pets are not found “running loose” around the farm.

There are walks from the farm gate, where guests’ dogs can run free, off the lead, as long as the dog’s owner is confident that the dog is well trained and remains under control, while off the lead. Dog owners should observe the Country Code and ensure that their dog does not run free, off the lead, in fields where there is livestock. 

Dogs must not be left unattended in the cottages at any time. It is unfair and unreasonable to expect a dog to settle in a new environment on its own. When guests request to bring their dogs with them, it is on the understanding that the dog is accompanying them on their holiday or short break. Dove Farm does not provide a kennel service.

Guests intending to visit Alton Towers should consider these terms and conditions carefully, and perhaps make alternative arrangements for their dog.

Likewise, guests intending to visit attractions in the area, should consider the implications of not being able to leave their dog(s) unattended in the cottages. The alternative, would then be to leave their dog(s) in the car. It is often unwise, and in hot weather, can be dangerous to the dog’s life to do so. Dove Farm would not want to encourage the practice of leaving dogs in cars, whilst owners visit all-day attractions, and again, prospective guests are urged to think about their holiday plans in advance, and make suitable pet care arrangements for their dog’s well-being and welfare.

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to clear up all dog’s fouling before departure. That includes any fouling from grazing fields and pathways around the farm premises and farmland. Poo bags are provided in the cottages, just in case pet owners forget to bring some.

8 General

The number of persons occupying the cottages must not exceed that stated at the time of booking, unless agreed previously with the owners.

Sub-letting of Dove Farm holiday cottages is strictly prohibited.

The owners reserve the right to have access to the cottages at all reasonable times, with prior notice whenever possible.

The owners endeavour to maintain high standards of comfort and cleanliness in the holiday cottages. Guests must therefore undertake to keep all furniture, fittings and effects in the same condition in which they were found. If extra cleaning, or repairs are required after departure, any costs will be charged to the named person, responsible for the booking.

Any damage must be reported to the owners as soon as possible. Accidental damage or breakage of a minor nature will not normally be charged for, this is all considered to be part of family life – however, the owners reserve the right to charge for any non-trivial damage, losses or for additional cleaning required.

In the case where a housekeeping deposit has been returned to guests, and significant damage, or need for additional cleaning, is subsequently discovered after their departure, the named person who made the booking, will be liable for any additional costs, and will be invoiced accordingly.

Mobile phone reception at this location is patchy. 

The owners understand the difficulties that poor phone reception can bring and are happy for guests to use the landline at the farmhouse, whenever there is an important call to make. Likewise, guests are more than welcome, to give the landline phone number at the farmhouse, to friends and relatives, as a contact number for when they are staying at Dove Farm.

Wi-Fi, accessed via a password, is available, and free to use, in the cottages. Guests are asked to understand that the limitations of rural broadband may mean that service may not be to the speed or standard they are accustomed to in their own homes/places of work.

9 Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to ensure that information provided on this site is correct. While misunderstandings can occur, information has been compiled in good faith.
Prices and services may be changed at the discretion of the owners and on occasions, may differ from what is shown on the site. Where owners are aware of such differences, they will be pointed out and explained to guests, so guests are able to make an informed choice. The owners do not accept liability for any information provided by other sites, via inbound and outbound links to this website.

10 Limitation of Liability

The owners are not liable for any losses or damages resulting from information provided on the dove farm website, or from any of its associated sites, owned by Dove Farm.
The owners are not liable for any losses or damages incurred by guests during their stay at Dove Farm. This includes not being liable for damage to guests' property, for personal injury, or damage to bicycles and cars incurred whilst staying at or visiting the farm.
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